Emerald Layne

Emerald Layne is a fashion and dance photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. A dancer at an early age, she developed an innate appreciation for the beauty of movement—and loves nothing more than capturing it. Her passion for photography began in her high school dark room where she developed B&W 35 mm film and fell in love with the magic of seeing moments on film.

Deciding to combine her two loves, dance and photography, she pursued a degree in Commercial Photography from Ohio University—E.W. Scripps School of Visual Communication. After graduation, she left the brick streets of Athens for the concrete jungle of New York to pursue her dream of photography.

She feels most inspired in the late night hours, where her thoughts are clear and run free with new ideas. A lover of roaming streets, both old and new, she’s always seeking to find the beauty in every scene, person and moment.